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Product Features

Our WaterCare and Evolve series brands have many features available that are patented, and exclusively distributed to their lines. Browse through the list below to learn more.


Use WiFi technology to service units remotely and offer your customers the convenience of mobile notifications.
Water Efficient Technology

Program proportionate cycles to maximize savings on salt and water. You can add an alternate cycle to prevent hardness leak-through from low salting. The valve will also display how much it has saved.
Salt Monitor

Get real-time measurements of the salt levels in your system. When levels begin to get low enough to affect the performance of your softener, a visual and audible alarm will be triggered. Homeowners can now have a system that check itself.

Reduce hardness, iron, and manganese in one pass. This multi-functioning media is like no other water treatment on the planet. It can also raise the pH of acidic waters if needed.
Chlorine Generator

Use the brine solution to create free chlorine that cleans the tank. The amount of chlorine the device produces can be adjusted to fit the needs of the system.
Inch Worm

Air-injected filters will release the air chamber slowly and quietly to prevent
drain line thrashing. Filtration that uses a column of air is revolutionary in oxidizing sulfur, iron, and manganese to form precipitates that can easily be filtered and removed, all in a chemical-free solution.
Ozone Generator

The ozone generator uses the air already being drawn into an air-injected filter. It converts the oxygen into ozone before it travels into the tank and cleans it during every regeneration. Any unused ozone dissipates for an eco-friendly, chemical-free cleaning routine.

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