A dealer network with resources unmatched in the water treatment industry.


Program Support

The CCWG team will be here to help you grow your business, educate your staff, and provide the best water treatment services to your community.

On-Site Training

Our expert field sales team provides on-going education for you and your staff. The most successful water treatment dealers understand the importance of a trained and educated staff. Our Clear Choice Water Group offers highly effective training in product application, service, and business best practices designed to empower your team with knowledge — the kind needed to make a difference in the success of day-to-day operations.
Marketing Resources

A full line of existing resources and access to our in-house marketing eam for custom advertising materials. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, good marketing is critical. You’ll have access to our marketing team as an extension of your business. We will provide you with an abundance of useful resources including:

  • Online Literature Downloads        • Product Photo Library

  • Website templates                        • Advertising materials

  • Social shareables                         • Tradeshow display catalog

  • Blogs & videos                              • Product manuals

Water Analysis Discount

Receive a reduced rate on test packages performed by our certified testing lab. Imagine being able to offer your existing and potential customers a detailed report on the quality of their water from a respected, independent water laboratory. This adds creditability to the sale as it demonstrates to the customer your level of professionalism in handling their unique water treatment needs, putting you high on the list of companies they want to work with.
Dealer Advisory Council

A team of six dealers represent you to provide feedback and improvements to the program. Our management team and these elected dealers work together to continually shape and steer the direction of the CCWG network. The Dealer Advisory Council (DAC) is just one more resource we provide to help generate ideas and answer questions.
Dealer Convention

Every other year we host a 3-day celebration to show our appreciation to you. It gives us a change to honor our top award winners, share some of our plans for the future, and provide educational resources to help your business.